Embarkation Ladder

1) The Pilot Ladders Steps are made of hard Wood suitable for Embarkation and Disembarkation of Pilots.
2) The lower 4 Steps are made of Rubber having dimensions 500mm x 115mm x 28mm
3) The Pilot Ladder is made in one piece from thimble to free ends below
4) Embarkation Ladders have thimbles on top and spliced ends below.
5) Side Manila Rope 18mm dia.
6) Step Distance 300mm.
7) Wooden Steps 500mm x 115mm x 25mm.
8) Rubber Steps 500mm x 115mm x 28mm.
9) The Last 4 Steps of the Ladder are Rubber Steps.
10) Wood Used is Salwood.
11) Government Approved IDLR Test Certificate can be provided at extra charges.